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Ann McCulloh
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Ann McCulloh
Curator of Plant Collections
Cleveland Botanical Garden
Cleveland, Ohio
B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1994
Area of emphasis: Horticulture


"Even though horticulture seems to be all about plants, it always comes back to working with people, teaching and learning from people," says Ann McCulloh, curator of plant collections for the Cleveland Botanical Garden. "I enjoy the pleasure that other people take in the beauty of the gardens, the intrigued looks on their faces when they examine a plant that's new to them - one that I have chosen and placed in the garden."

McCulloh's responsibilities include developing, maintaining and labeling plant collections, as well as sharing information about the collection with the public. "I’ve been very fortunate to work at both the Cleveland Botanical Garden and Franklin Park Conservatory. I always wanted to work in a public garden. I enjoy the daily variety of work and responsibility and the contact with the public and our volunteers is wonderful."

Working in a public garden allows McCulloh to share her horticultural knowledge with people who visit the garden. "I take great satisfaction in figuring out the identity of a 'mystery' plant, seeing choice and unusual plants thrive year by year, and in having people tell me they enjoyed my writing or learned something new from me."

McCulloh credits her internship experiences with Inniswood Metro Gardens and Herb Society of America with showing her how people and plants are connected. "Speaking pragmatically, plants provide the basis for our ecosystems and our economies. Speaking more philosophically, plants can provide us with a boundless source of pleasure and intellectual fascination."

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