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Brenda Young
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Brenda Young
Agronomist & Crop Specialist
Mid-Wood Inc.
Bowling Green, Ohio
B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1996
Area of emphasis: Agronomy


A state certified agronomist, Brenda Young is the crop specialist for an agricultural grain and supply cooperative. "I love working outside and my work is filled with outdoor activity. During the Spring I draw field maps, scout fields, price chemical programs, and talk to farmers. During the Winter I do mostly sales by contacting growers."

"As an agronomist I love field scouting because I get to go out in the field and investigate for bugs, diseases, and possible nutrient deficiencies and then make recommendations to the farmers." Young enjoys working closely with the farmers. "The farmers know how to produce the crops. We show them how to change, what might be more economical, what new technology is available – we offer a second opinion and additional resources."

"One needs to have broad based crop knowledge," explains Young, who also advises students to develop a diverse skill set. "If you want to succeed in this industry you need to have various skills, not just be able to field scout. You need to have management skills, grain skills or machine skills in addition to your agronomy skills. For example, if you know how to run big equipment then you can back up someone else and fill in when they are unavailable."

Young is proud to be part of a company that delivers high quality products. "Quality is the most important attribute. We segregate our product better, we preserve it at top quality, and we have all the technology to maintain the overall quality."

1018 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.836.4606