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Diversity & Inclusion Statement/Code of Ethics
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The American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) welcomes individuals regardless of age, gender, gender identity, race, culture, physical ability, professional status, religion, sexual orientation, geographic location, or any other characteristic integral to a diverse and inclusive membership. ASHS strives to achieve an atmosphere of encouragement and mutual respect within all aspects of the Society.


Preamble: General Principles

A code of ethics is a personal statement of belief. It therefore seems appropriate that it should be written in first person singular, which makes it a personal code and also makes it voluntary rather than a set of rules imposed by an institution on its members. The latter is certainly appropriate for an employing institution such as a company or a university. The following code addresses matters involving the relationships of each horticulturist in the American Society for Horticultural Science to colleagues, to the Society, to students, to the employer, to the public, to the creatures and materials of the environment, but perhaps most important, to the person within. For the Society, it represents a suggestion to its Members of matters to be considered. It should not in itself be considered to be coercive. However, the Society must reserve the right to consider removing from its rolls persons who have committed fraud or other grievous actions.

The Code of Ethics

As a professional horticulturist, I resolve to be guided by the following principles, which I believe to be important for mutual respect in relationships with my colleagues, other professional associates, students, employer, employees, and the public and which, above all, is vital to my personal integrity, dignity, and self-worth.

I will be honest in my work, and will not lie or deceive about my results or accomplishments.

I will maintain confidentiality of information to which I am privileged.

I will refrain from conflicts of interest.

I will respect the confidences of others and be honorable in competition.

I will be impartial in all dealings with colleagues, students, and other associates, irrespective of race, creed, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, physical or cognitive disabilities, marital or family status, and ancestry.

I will point out error and expose fraud and dishonesty.

I will be honorable in dealing with my employer and in relationships with clients, suppliers, and others in the business world and other professions.

I will be fair in dealing with others’ opportunities for advancement, respecting their privacy, giving credit for accomplishment, maintaining discipline, and ensuring freedom from coercion.

Finally, I will strive to be constantly aware of the effects my activities will have on the public and the environment in which we all live, and to minimize possible harmful effects of those activities.

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