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Drew Todd
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Drew Todd
State Urban Forestry Coordinator
Division of Forestry
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Columbus, Ohio

B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1974
Area of emphasis: Natural Resources

B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1975
Area of emphasis: Landscape Horticulture

B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1984
Area of emphasis: Business Administration


Drew Todd strives to improve the quality of life for people in urban areas through the implementation of Ohio's Urban Forestry Program. "Urban foresters strongly believe that properly placed and maintained trees, shrubs, vines, and groundcovers will improve the quality of life for those people living and working in urban areas," says Urban Forester Todd.

As a member of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Todd oversees the Division of Forestry program that educates communities on how to best utilize plants for the good of the urban population. "Our purpose is to provide community officials and allied agencies with the organizational and technical ability to effectively manage the trees along their streets, within parks, and on public grounds to enhance the quality of urban life."

Ohio State University resources help Todd create an efficient and effective program that promotes the use of urban vegetation for effecting change to the environment. "Shade in our urban environment is exceedingly important, as is calming vehicular traffic, reducing storm water runoff and improving water quality, creating outdoor living space, screening objectionable views, reducing noise, and adding beauty to our lives.  Therefore, it's not the plants themselves that are important, but rather the changes that plants provide that are important."

Todd encourages students interested in making an environmental difference to consider urban forestry. "For anyone interested in improving the quality of life through this profession, I'd suggest that they learn as much about the profession in the classroom, through internships, and interviews as they possible can. Urban Forestry is a young, exciting, and important field."

1018 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.836.4606