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Careers in Education
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Click on the following professionals for more information about their horticultural career.


 Dr. Curt Rom
 Dr. Curt Rom, Horticulture & Pomology Professor - University of Arkansas

Plants sustain and improve our environment and our economy. They contribute and enhance our lives in so many ways; nutritionally, aesthetically, and appeal to our senses in tremendous ways. More information

 Kerry Beckel
 Kerry Beckel, Horticulture Instructor - Tri-Rivers Career Center

Working with plants and watching things grow is something people are supposed to do. I enjoy giving students the hands-on-experience needed to succeed in the landscaping or garden center industry. Teaching the students is a very rewarding experience. More information

 Dr. Mike Arnold
 Dr. Mike Arnold, Landscape Horticulture Professor - Texas A&M University

I think that the most rewarding experiences in my career have been the individual mentoring of students. The impact we have on others through teaching and stimulating learning is our most important legacy. More information

Dr. Nick Christians
 Dr. Nick Christians, Turfgrass Professor - Iowa State University

The amount of technical knowledge needed by today's turf managers has greatly increased over the years. There is also a greater emphasis on developing management skills. Get as much experience as you can during internships. More information

Dr. Peg McMahon
 Dr. Peg McMahon, Associate Professor - The Ohio State University

One of the most rewarding experiences is watching students I have taught and advised go through OSU's commencement. There are innumerable possibilities in the plant sciences, but to succeed one must never stop exploring the plant world. More information

Dr. Peter M. Hirst
 Dr. Peter M. Hirst, Associate Professor, Pomologist - Purdue University

Study an area you have a passion for. Earning a degree, especially a graduate degree, is a lot of work and it makes all the difference in the world to be fired up about your subject area. If you're not excited about your subject area, then leave that field. More information

 Dr. Greg Bell
 Dr. Greg Bell, Huffine Endowed Professor in Turfgrass Science - Oklahoma State University

Each time a student compliments me on instruction or tells me that she is learning a lot in my class, it is a rewarding experience. Each time an alumnus tells me that I made a difference in his career, it is a rewarding experience. More information

Melanie Blandford
 Melanie Blandford, Education Programs Coordinator - The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College

I’m the editor and producer of quarterly newsletter the /Hybrid/, which promotes the Arboretum's events and provides current horticultural information. I also plan, organize, and execute lectures, concerts, workshops, bus trips, annual Arbor Day celebration, and tours. More information

 Joel F. Keebler
 Joel F. Keebler, Assistant Professor and Chair - Virginia Highlands Community College

Establishing a new horticulture program has been a challenge. I'm called upon to make decisions about curriculum issues, grounds maintenance, greenhouse construction, lab equipment, and more. More information


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