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Endowment Fund
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  "Someone helped you get into the Horticulture industry.  Be that person going forward!  Donate to the ASHS Endowment Fund and support Student Travel and Scholarship! "

The hardest step is always the first one.

Throughout our history as an professional society, ASHS has honored one priority in particular — bringing young scientists into our field, into our society, and providing the networking, professional improvement opportunities, and inclusion as young scientists necessary for their success.  The ASHS student travel scholarship to the Society’s Annual Conference, was established in 1982 to honor that commitment.

Qualified students presenting papers and participating in various aspects of our conference are provided funding to cover a good portion of airfare, or hotel expenses. Our society’s commitment is to make it feasible for faculty to spread limited funds and bring the most students possible to the conference each year.  The scholarship doesn’t pay for everything, and students do usually have to contribute funds along with their faculty’s support, but it makes it a reasonable endeavor for all. 

We need more students in horticulture, in our classrooms, and in our workforce.  Our current campaign to increase funding in this Scholarship is aligned with the national strategy being undertaken by our industry to bring more young people into horticulture.  Contributing is a direct way to be part of the solution. 


Waltram Ravelombola

University of Arkansas


Gehendra Bhattarai

University of Arkansas


Marlee Trandel

NC State University

Money should never be allowed to be an impediment to opportunity.

As faculty, we spend hundreds of hours training students, sharing our experience, and investing our life’s energy into preparing them for a career in their area of interest.  Maybe this was in a classroom, or a lab, or in an internship setting.  If hours spent were converted into dollars, you have probably invested thousands of dollars into your students.  I have no doubt you have done this because you are absolutely convinced they are worth the investment.  They are! 

So please consider the scenario that a promising young student being trained in horticulture may not be able to take the next step.  Imagine a career ended or that seed of inspiration extinguished because that student did not have sufficient funds to attend their first ASHS conference. 

Do you remember your first presentation to an ASHS audience?  Do you remember the thrill when a member expressed interest in YOUR project?  Do you remember the amazement you felt when you realized how many professionals were attending this conference?  Perhaps seeing the diversity, intensity, and depth of the ASHS conference reassured you there was a place for your area of interest, a career chance you could take, a job opportunity that would surely be there in the future.

Imagine if you could help that student see that dream to reality?  You can! 


Christian Collado

NC State University

Nathan Jahnke

North Dakota State University

It is often difficult to be certain your donation is having an impact.

This is one place you can be sure your contribution will have a tangible impact. You will be able to meet the students you support at the annual conference.  You’ll see their presentations and read their abstracts. This is a singular, funding-directed effort where the proceeds go to exactly what you are hoping to support. 

Please take a moment to listen to the testimonial videos and hear recipient accounts of their experiences.  The ASHS Board of Directors and Endowment Committee are committed to support more students in the future.  To do this we need your investment in ASHS. 

Please consider supporting the ASHS Student Travel Grant in one of two ways. An annual gift of $25, $50 or $100.00; OR a monthly gift of $25.00 is suggested. 

Yes, someone helped you get into the Horticulture industry.  Be that person going forward!  Donate to the ASHS Student Travel Scholarship fund.  You already know this will have impact.  Let’s make it happen! 


Amanda Bayer

University of Georgia


Perla Aguilar

Texas A&M University

Make a contribution now to the ASHS Endowment Fund.



Since ASHS is a 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions are U.S. tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.



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