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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Conference Questions

Please visit 2020 ASHS Virtual Conference

for all questions related to the Virtual Conference


Virtual Conference To Do List



All presenters must be registered by July 6th.  All attendees must be registered prior to August 8th. (In order to receive a swag-bag in advance of the conference, you must be a paid registrant by August 1st. Fees were not increased from the February 15rates.  ASHS members should log in before registering to take advantage of the member-only rates. Undergraduates attend for free but must become members first.

Create E-Posters – Watch this webinar on how to create E-posters: and upload your E-Poster by July 26th. It’s REQUIRED if you submitted a poster abstract.

Pre-Record Oral Talk - All Oral presenters are REQUIRED to pre-record their presentations by July 26th

Contact Negar Mahdavian if you did not receive your Speaker Center link.

Make your Personal Schedule – Log into the App and create a personal schedule. You must be signed in for the schedule to save.  Sign in using your email - make sure you use the SAME EMAIL address you used to register for the Conference and the same email address on all your devices - in order to access your personal schedule. When ready to add a session to your schedule, click on the little box with a plus sign next to the title. You’ll then see a box with a check mark.

Graduate Students – There is still time to participate in Scholars Ignite!  There are cash prizes for the top three winners.  Submit your slide TODAY!

Undergraduate Students – Register to attend the Conference for free!  Plus, there’s still time to submit an abstract to participate in the Undergraduate competitions.  Contact Negar Mahdavian for details.

Volunteer to be a Session Moderator – Are you a Professional Interest Group officer?  Do you have an oral or poster paper?  Are you familiar with Zoom?  Volunteer to moderate the session you are scheduled in.  Contact Negar Mahdavian for details.

Organize an Alumni Reunion – Let us know if you want to have an Alumni reunion during the Conference and we’ll set it up.

Enter the 2020 Paul Thomas Pi Alpha Xi Photo Contest - Click here to learn more or contact Angie Lower.

Volunteer to Judge a Student Competition – Calling Faculty and Industry members with background in Horticultural Science or Plant Biology to help judge Scholars Ignite! and Graduate Student Poster Competition.  Contact Dr. Lorenzo Rossi.

Play 20/20 Trivia Trek – Test your knowledge of ASHS, have some fun and win a prize!




Please note the following FAQ are related to onsite conference:


Q:  I am a member but the system doesn’t allow me to register at the member price.

A:  If you are a member, you must sign in using your username and password BEFORE you hit the “register now” button.  The system will recognize your membership level and will offer you the appropriate registration fee.

If you have signed in and still get the non-member price, please check that your membership has not expired.  If it has expired, you must renew before you can register as a member.


Q:  I am a member and want to register a friend for the conference.  Can I use my membership?

A:  No.  Every individual must register for the conference themselves.  Members must sign in with their membership information in order to take advantage of the member only rate.


Q:  I am registered for the conference and want to buy extra tickets for tours and events.

A:  You can buy multiple tickets to ticketed events if you have already registered.  You can sign in with your membership information and access the product list from the online store.  All purchased tickets will have your name on it and will be included in your registration package.


Q:  I want to submit a colloquium proposal, but I don't see where to do this?

A. During the fall of 2016, the ASHS Board of Directors voted to eliminate conference funded colloquium in their previous form.  Please contact ASHS Headquarters for additional information if you are interested in presenting a session during the ASHS Conference beyond the following types of presentations:  workshops, poster presentations, oral presentations, planned orals, professional tours.


Q:  I am organizing a workshop.  Do my speakers have to register and pay to attend?

A.  All speakers must be registered for the conference.  As the workshop coordinator, you may invite up to three speakers who are not members of ASHS and have not been in the last 5 years.  Those will be eligible to receive complimentary registration as non-member invited speakers.  However, they still need to be registered. Contact for the registration form.

If at any time the person has been an ASHS Member within the last five calendar years (for the purposes of the 2020 Conference, if he or she was a member between 2014 and 2019), then the person is not eligible to receive complimentary registration as a non-member invited speaker to a workshop or symposium.


Q:  I have submitted an abstract and want to make changes.

When you submitted your abstract, you received an email with a link to your abstract submission.  You can use the link to make edits until the deadline.  After the system closes, you may contact with your request. We cannot guarantee that changes will be permitted after the deadline but can look at requests on a case to case basis.


Q:  Will my abstract be published after the conference?

 A:  The abstracts of presented papers will be published in an online supplement to HortScience in the fall of the conference year.  The supplement will be available through the HortScience electronic journal site.  The file will be open access and paginated as a supplement, with each page number beginning with “S”.


Q:  I want to participate in Graduate Student Poster Competition. Do I have to present my paper twice?

A:  Yes, All Graduate Student Posters will be presented for competition at the same time slot, Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 4:30 - 6 p.m. 

The competition is divided between MS and PhD students.  This is a change from previous years.


  • MS Students will present their poster to a minimum of 2 judges from 4:30 to 5:15 pm. 
  • Ph.D. Students will present their poster to a minimum of 2 judges from 5:15 to 6:00 pm.


You still must present your paper during your regular scheduled presentation time.  Failing to do so, you will be considered a no-show and your paper will be withdrawn from the program and your abstract will not be published in the online supplement of HortScience following the conference.

You must register to participate in the Graduate Student Poster Competition at the time of your abstract submission. 


Q: Can I get feedback on my presentation after the conference even if I am not in a competition?

A: Yes. Student members can request for their oral and poster presentations to be reviewed and critiqued by a faculty member of ASHS.  Oral presenters must have permitted for their presentation to be recorded.  Poster presenters must submit an E-Poster before they make the review request.


Q: I presented a poster at the conference but did not upload an E-Poster. Can I still do that?

A: Yes.  Send an email to and request a personalized link to your Speaker Center. You can create and upload the E-Poster and it will be attached to the conference program.


Q:  What do I do if my presentation is scheduled at a time I am not available?

A:  Please do not purchase your flight until after the conference schedule has been finalized.  Your presentation will be scheduled by May 1st.  We cannot reschedule your presentation for personal reasons.   If you do not present your paper, your paper will be withdrawn from the program and your abstract will not be published in the online supplement of HortScience following the conference.


Q:  What if my presentation time conflicts with a tour or event I have purchased?

A:  If your paper is scheduled for presentation at a time that is in conflict with a ticketed event that you have already purchased, please send an email, by May 21st, to with the subject matter “Schedule Conflict” and detail the conflict.  We will do our best to reschedule your presentation or refund your purchased ticket.  Please note that we cannot reschedule your presentation for personal schedule conflicts.  Please do not make your travel arrangements until after the schedule has been finalized.


Q:  When are the Professional Interest Group business meetings scheduled?

A:  Professional Interest Group business meetings are scheduled following the Group sponsored workshop.

If the Group chooses not to submit a workshop, the Group officers will be contacted to see if a scheduled meeting is requested.  Group business meeting will be scheduled 6-7 p.m. so that it does not conflict with other sessions.  Groups may also choose to not hold a face-to-face meeting and conduct their Group business via the ASHS Group Online Communities on the ASHS website throughout the year.

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