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Outstanding Fruit Cultivar Award
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Distinguished Achievement Awards are given to encourage and recognize outstanding achievement of a specialized nature consistent with the overall objectives of the Society. The Outstanding Fruit Cultivar Award permits the recognition of noteworthy achievements in the Fruit Breeding Interest Group.

This award recognizes "a modern fruit introduction having a significant impact on the fruit industry."

The award consists of a 3-inch bronze medal depicting a three-dimensional figure of Adam and Eve, (meant to represent all fruit and human breeding) the cultivar name; and name(s) of those associated with its breeding, testing, and introduction.


The award is given for an outstanding cultivar or germplasm release of a temperate or tropical fruit or nut crop species (including rootstock) released within the past 35 years. The release should have "a significant impact, scientifically or commercially."

The selection committee (composed of the present, past, and incoming chairs of FRBR) will decide whether the nominated cultivar or germplasm meets the criteria established for the award. The recipient may be a breeder, releaser, or institution responsible for the cultivar or germplasm release; the recipient need not be an ASHS Member.

The award will be presented during the business meeting of FRBR during the ASHS Annual Conference.


Nominations for the Outstanding Fruit Cultivar Award should follow the following format:

1. Name and species of Cultivar
2. Sponsor's name, address, e-mail address, and signature
3. Brief history and development
4. Significance and impact of cultiver, either commercially or scientifically
5. Person(s) or institution to receive medal
6. Names of other individuals involved in the development of the cultivar
7. Names of individuals providing supporting letters (please attach letters)
8. Inscription to be placed on medal [name of cultivar(s), breeder(s), tester(s), or institution(s)]

Deadline: April 1

Individuals who want to submit nominations should direct inquiries and send nominations via e-mail to:

Margaret Worthington



1018 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.836.4606