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Katharine Perry Endowment Endorsement
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ASHS “Patron” Level Donor, Katharine Perry, made significant contributions during her 35-year career in our industry. A  Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University (1979), her list of achievements and leadership positions held is an indication of her drive and talent as an academic. Her service to the ASHS was just as productive, as evidenced by her being elected an ASHS Fellow in 1999. It would have been easy to retire and walk away.  But she didn’t stop there.  Katie decided during her formative years as a faculty member ay NCSU, to begin to give back to her industry by contributing to the ASHS Endowment. Her cumulative donations are now significant. More impressive is the number of students whom have benefitted from her engagement with the endowment. We asked Katharine to share her thoughts about giving back to ASHS, her view of the ASHS Endowment and her experience with the giving process. 


Dr. Perry, has being involved in ASHS directly influenced your career progress? 

“ ASHS helped me immensely in my career, particularly early.  It brought me in contact with so many excellent role models and opportunities to improve my skills.  I also found that it influenced what type of professional I wanted to be.  It showed me how to strive to be the best.  I also greatly value all the colleagues I gained through my membership and participation in different aspects of the society”  ​ 

What considerations led you to become a steady donor to the Endowment? 

​When I realized how much ASHS was doing for me, I wanted to say thank you in meaningful ways.  I made sure that I served on committees, but I also wanted to give financially.  With a growing family and college funds to save, I couldn't afford to give a large sum at one time​, but I knew I could do some each month and over time it would create the 'thank you' I wanted.  I reached the Patron Level by donating $25 each month!

Did monthly/yearly contributions cause you any financial discomfort or second thoughts

Doing a monthly donation could not have been easier.  I probably felt it a little at first, but soon it was painless!  ​ 

Do you feel your contributions are being used appropriately?  Are they doing any good? 

​ I feel very good about how the endowment is used.  Students today need all the help they can get financially to allow them to participate in the enriching opportunities outside the classroom.  ASHS has a particularly welcoming and supportive culture for students.  That's the best thing we can do for a successful future.​

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