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Click on the following professionals for more information about their horticultural career.


Ann McCulloh
 Ann McCulloh, Curator of Plant Collections - Cleveland Botanical Garden

Even though horticulture seems to be all about plants, it always comes back to working with people, teaching and learning from people. I enjoy the daily variety of work and responsibility and the contact with the public and our volunteers is wonderful. More information

 Kelly J. Mahl
 Kelly J. Mahl, Plant Materials Specialist - Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center

I love the wide span of responsibilities that come with the territory. Some days will be spent in the greenhouse seeding annuals while others are spent outside maintaining our Perennial Gardens. More information

Mary Maloney
 Mary Maloney, Education & Volunteer Coordinator - Ohio State Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens

My refuge is the plant world. Plants and their vigor, diversity, and beauty have always been integral in my life. I am fortunate that my avocation is also my profession. More information

Nick Cavender
 Nicole Cavender, Director of Restoration Ecology - The Wilds

Plants are key for agriculture, beauty, and solving many environmental problems. I love spending my time and effort to improve the environment. Much of our environmental landscape is in great need of help and I feel privileged to be a part of this restoration movement.More information

Jodee Lowe
 Jodee Lowe, Horticulturist & Urban Forester - City of Grove City

No two days are ever alike, which is what I like about my job. One day I may be out picking trees to be planted on the streets, the next day I could be teaching a class on composting to the community. More information

Tom Hrivnak
 Tom Hrivnak, Director of Horticulture - Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

As part of the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens mission to preserve, restore and interpret the F.A. Seiberling family legacy, my horticultural mission is to preserve, protect and restore the gardens of Warren Manning. More information

Char Steelman
 Char Steelman, Public Gardens Manager - Inniswood Metro Gardens

Those of us that have knowledge about plants are responsible to pass on some of what we know to others. Being able to make ideas in my head a reality and introducing the public to new plants is very gratifying. More information

Chad Franer
 Chad Franer, Gardens Supervisor - Indianapolis Museum of Art

The most rewarding experience is occurring currently with the development and planting of 20 acres of new gardens around the expansion of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. More information

 Nicole Gamble
 Nicole Gamble, Manager - Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center - Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens has been a fabulous place for me to engage my interest in both horticulture and entomology. Our conservation mission focuses on stewardship of our land and native plants, including plants unique to this area, the Plumleaf Azalea and Callaway Ginger. More information

Bob Brackman
 Bob Brackman, Director - Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art

My passion is public horticulture. I'm responsible for all development and maintenance of the garden's 55 acres, from master planning and garden design to exhibit development. I work closely with hundreds of volunteers to make the Cheekwood Gardens a showpiece. More information


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