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Peter Konjoian
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Peter Konjoian
President of Research
Konjoian's Floriculture Education Services
Andover, Massachusettes

B.Sc. - University of New Hampshire, 1975
Area of emphasis: Plant Science

M.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1978
Area of emphasis: Floriculture

Ph.D. - The Ohio State University, 1982
Area of emphasis: Floriculture


Peter Konjoian has discovered how to combine his love of growing with his scientific curiosity. "I really get the best of both worlds. In the mornings I work in the greenhouse for the family business; not managing employees, but doing the hands-on work of actually growing the plants. Then in the afternoons I work from the office of my own research and consulting company, corresponding with growers all over the world. It is exciting and gives me great satisfaction to be able to do both in the same day."

A true entrepreneur, Konjoian believes the opportunities in the floriculture industry are excellent, though challenging. "One of the things I've enjoyed is being my own boss and having the opportunity to take my business where I think it needs to go. Being able to do those things with plants through a greenhouse business is very satisfying."

"The industry has become hyper-competitive and there are many challenges to running a greenhouse business today that didn't exist 20 years ago, such as the maturation of mass marketing. Nowadays independent growers have to react and change quickly to stay ahead of the game."

Konjoian advises students to be patient and passionate. "You may have to prove yourself and establish your career before the financial rewards catch up with you. That is why it is so important to find an area that you are passionate about. Once you find that very interesting area, just make a commitment and things will work out."

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Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.836.4606