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Careers in Research
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Click on the following professionals for more information about their horticultural career.


 Jenny Pope
 Jenny Pope, Research Associate - The Ohio State University

I love performing research at the university because I learn something new everyday. Ohio State is a nurturing environment which encourages personal and professional growth. I get to work with graduate students, faculty, staff and volunteers. More information

 Casey McDonald
 Casey McDonald, Research Specialist - The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

I simply love plants and enjoy investigating their interaction with people, the environment, insects, diseases, fertilizer, and chemicals. I don't think it matters if you aspire to be a grower, superintendent, researcher, or landscaper, we all share a passion for growing plants. More information

 Charles Michler
 Charles Michler, Director, Researcher - Purdue University

What could be more rewarding than getting to work with plants you find aesthetically pleasing and that provide so many important functions and products to our society? More information

Katy Larkin
 Katy Larkin, Research Specialist - University of Arizona

The lab I work in focuses on RNA silencing methods in plants. My project involves cloning genes into various gene silencing constructs and then evaluating gene expression of the constructs in transformed plants. More information

Linda Zhang
Linda Zhang, Molecular Biologist - Exelixis Pharmaceutical Inc.

The work that I am doing brings me great satisfaction because I contribute to the cure of Alzheimer's disease. I truly believe that my professional success is a result of the solid background and extensive training I received in the field of Molecular Biology. More information

Paula Pijut
 Paula Pijut, Research Plant Physiologist - Purdue University

Plants are the lifeline of our world. Research on agronomic crops, animals, and trees is so important to the world's well being and sustainability. We must try to make this a better place now and for the future. More information

 Rich Ozminkowski
 Rich Ozminkowski, Manager of Agricultural Research - Heinz

Working as a tomato breeder is like organizing the genes of a tomato. Every year we make hundreds of hybrids and advance only a few. To have a tomato processor or grower express their excitement about one of the new varities is quite rewarding. More information

Sandra Endicott
 Sandra Endicott, Senior Research Associate - Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Our team is responsible for the field preparation, planting, fertilizing, irrigation, and pest management of the corn, soybeans and sunflowers crops here at the Waimea Research Center Farm. More information

 Heather Toler
Heather Toler, Research Associate - Department of Plant Sciences

I enjoy working in a discipline that has so many noticeable, applied benefits to society. People don’t always consider mycorrhizal symbiosis when they think about how plants respond to their environment, but mycorrhiza are huge part of a plant’s everyday life. More information


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