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Traci Bultemeier
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Traci Bultemeier
Field Sales Agronomist
Pioneer/A DuPont Company
West Jefferson, Ohio
B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1996
Area of emphasis: Agronomy


"I am responsible for sales and marketing support, coaching sales representatives in techinical agronomy, and evaluating research trials for corn and soybeans," says Field Sales Agronomist Traci Bultemeier. "I cover a 10 county area in mid-east Ohio and work closely with my district sales manager and about 26 sales representatives for Pioneer/A DuPont Company."

"If you are interested in a career in agronomy, take internships away from home, move out of state for 6 months to work," suggests Bultemeier. "Plants are the basis for agricultural systems. The people involved in agronomy are always trying to make the quality of crop better. Better quality crops mean better food for everyone."

Bultemeier considers OSU a resource and her faculty adviser a mentor. "Dr. Kent Harrison had the most impact on my career choices, he was always helpful in answering questions about job opportunities, listening to my dilemmas, and putting in a good word for me!  He was not just an adviser for course work, he was my mentor. I come in contact with many OSU alums who work for Pioneer in all different areas, and I hope to continue my relationship with other OSU technicians in crop science, as they are a tremendous resource base."

"It can be a challenge to find a job in industry that you really want. Don't be disheartened if you don't land your ideal job the first time," advises Bultemeier. "I was turned down several times before being hired by Pioneer, but everything happens for a reason and now I love my job and hope to maybe retire from Pioneer."

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