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Travel Grants
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 DEADLINE APRIL 4, 2020 - This deadline has passed.


June 25, 2020 Update 

Per ASHS policy, only students physically traveling to and attending a conference would receive the travel grants. 

Given that the 2020 ASHS Conference is being held virtually, no travel grants will be awarded this year, and the funds will be allocated to future annual conferences.  


Please note:

Each year we receive many more applications than our donations can fund. Thus, it is very important that all required steps are completed prior to the April 4th deadline (including having your university submitting the student rankings) in order to be considered. 

A limited number of travel grants of $500 each will be awarded to graduate and undergraduate students attending the ASHS Annual Conference.  

Recipients must be presenting papers at the Annual Conference and be a member of ASHS.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students must be a current member of ASHS, enrolled in horticultural science or a horticultural related major course of study.
  • Students must have submitted a completed abstract for presentation at the ASHS Annual Conference (and paid the abstract submission fee) by the Travel Grant deadline.
  • Students must be ranked by the Department Head of the institution they are attending*.
  • All applications, abstracts, and supporting documents must reach ASHS before the Travel Grant Deadline. There is no relationship between a possible extension of the abstracts submission deadline date and the deadline for submitting a completed travel grant application.  Thus, if your abstract has not been received by April 4th, 11:59pm EST, your travel grant application will not be considered.


Individual travel grants will be awarded on the basis of merit and geographical distribution, and an attempt will be made to distribute awards fairly among undergraduate and graduate students.

*There may not be enough funds available to award a travel grant to all applicants meeting the application criteria. Therefore, we request that the Department Head at your university supply a ranking of all students applying for a grant from your institution.  This letter should rank the graduate and undergraduate students separately. Please designate PhD candidate, Masters or Undergraduate next to each applicant’s name. However graduate students in MS and PhD programs should be ranked together. It is up to the Department Head to determine the criteria - the ranking can be based on merit, need, graduation date etc. This document can be attached by the applicant or be emailed to ASHS by the Department Head.

Please email the rankings to Negar Mahdavian. The document will then be attached to each application from the institution.

Overall selection will be handled by the Scholarship Awards Committee. Applications must be submitted to ASHS Headquarters by 4 April.  Any submissions received after April 4, will not be eligible for consideration.

Award selection and notification will be made by 31 May.

Travel grants are distributed at the ASHS Annual Conference. Again, you must be a member at the time of the Conference.

Each student must pay to register and then actually attend the Annual Conference in order to receive his or her check (the check will be in the registration packet).  Packets must be picked up and signed for by the award recipient.

For more information, contact:

ASHS Headquarters
1018 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
phonea: 703.836.4606; fax:  703.836.2024


If you cannot complete the submission and/or you need to regain access, please e-mail Angie Lower to request the link to regain access to your submission.




This deadline has passed. We are no longer accepting travel grant applications



1018 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.836.4606