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Information for Workshop Organizers
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  Important Dates for Workshop Submissions:

March 1 - Proposal deadline for Workshops (This date will not be extended)

May 1  June 1st - Deadline for making changes to  accepted workshop proposals

May 11 - June 1st - Deadline for all accepted workshop presenters to be  registered and paid in full

May 11 - June 1st Deadline for all workshop presenters to have hotel reservation  



* Paid in Full Deadlines - for those paying by check, the check must be received by ASHS

Headquarters by this date.




Information About Workshop PROPOSAL Submissions


Who Can Submit a Workshop Proposal?

  • Each ASHS Professional Interest Group may (but is not required to) submit one (1) workshop proposal for presentation at the Annual Conference. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee a spot on the program.  Workshop coordinators are given a choice of 1.5 hour or 2 hours for their workshop.  1.5 hour workshops will follow by the primary Interest Group's business meeting.  2 hour workshops will have a one-hour business meeting scheduled at a different time. 
  • A maximum of twenty-five workshops will be approved by the ASHS Board of Directors for presentation during the conference.  

  • Workshop proposals may be developed by one or more ASHS Groups or Committees.  Individuals or special interest groups shall work through an established Group or Committee if they wish to develop or suggest a workshop. However, only one Professional Interest Group can be designated as the workshop proposal's primary sponsor.  A Professional Interest Group can only be a sponsor (primary or secondary) on one workshop proposal.  (Thus, a group cannot submit a workshop proposal and be listed as a secondary sponsor on another proposal.  A group also cannot be a secondary sponsor of more than one workshop proposal.)

  • Proposals are to be submitted by a designated workshop coordinator.  The coordinator will be the main contact for the Headquarters staff on workshop related matters (including the workshop acceptance notification).  Once the workshop has been accepted, the coordinator will receive a link and further instructions on how to designate a moderator, confirm speakers, upload abstracts for individual presentations (optional), and submit a workshop description.

  • A workshop should emphasize participation and group discussion, often with problem-solving or hands-on efforts.  We encourage those submitting proposals to fully develop the ideas and then plan the session. Developing a proposal completely will allow for the most thorough evaluation. Please note:  developing a session completely does not mean that there must be 90-120 minutes of scheduled talks as again, the concept is focused on a group discussion of ideas.  For examples of excellent proposals, please click here.

  • It is more important to focus on elaborating on the topic, relevance/impact of the topic, a detailed description of the planned format for the workshop, an overview of the goal of the workshop, proposed speakers/panel participants and the importance of their perspective on the topic and possible case studies.  Because only twenty-five workshops will be selected for presentation, it is encouraged to be as detailed as possible.  


How to Submit a Workshop Proposal?

  • Please note that at you can either type or cut and paste the proposal text into the field on Step 3; or upload a Word document.  However, in both cases, you must fill in the answers for the required headings or the system will not allow you to save and continue or to upload.
  • Please be as expansive as possible in describing how the workshop will be presented. This information will not be published.  If accepted, you will be asked to provide a short description for the published version.
  • At this stage of the proposal, you are only required to have a list of possible speakers and the importance of their role/perspective.  If accepted, you will be required to list your confirmed speakers and their abstracts (optional) by May 1st. June 1st.
  • Workshop proposals are due March 1 - this date will not be extended.  Notification of acceptance will be completed by April 1st. 
  • All speakers for accepted workshops must be confirmed by May 1st June 1st and be registered by May 11th June 1st. No changes will be allowed to the workshop after May 1st June 1st.
  • All workshop speakers must be registered for the conference.  It is the responsibility of the workshop coordinator to ensure that all confirmed speakers are aware that if the speakers are ASHS members, they must register and pay in full the appropriate registration fees. 
  • Invited non-member speakers* are limited to three per workshop. Their registration fee is waived for the entire conference. However, they still need to be registered in advance by the workshop coordinator.  Please contact Negar Mahdavian to make arrangements for the registration of non-member invited speakers.
  • Workshop manuscripts may be published in a subject-appropriate ASHS serial publication (HortScience, Journal of ASHS, HortTechnology) as part of a proceedings pending acceptability (the manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and must meet the same standards as any published manuscript). Organizers of the workshop proceedings are invited to write a brief introduction to the workshop (one published page maximum). The workshop organizer is responsible for ensuring that all workshop participants submit their manuscripts to the ASHS Online Peer Review System within 6 months of the occurrence of the workshop. Publication costs shall not be borne by the Society (i.e., the papers shall be subject to publishing fees).


*Non-Member Invited Speakers

If at any time the person has been an ASHS Active Member within the last five calendar years (for the purposes of the 2020 Conference, if he or she was a member between 2014 and 2019), then the person is not eligible to receive complimentary registration as a non-member invited speaker for a workshop.



If your Professional Interest Group feels strongly that they do not want to follow the workshop structure of group discussion and hands-on problem solving as detailed above, there is an opportunity to submit a "Planned Oral Session" to be reviewed for approval and placement in the conference schedule. 

Please note:  In order to be considered for this type of presentation the following criteria apply:

  • Each Planned Oral Session must be organized by a Professional Interest Group and each group is only allowed either a workshop or a Planned Oral Session.
  • There must be 6-8 scheduled speakers - abstracts are required. (Maximum of 8 speakers)
  • These sessions functions exactly like oral sessions in that all speakers must have their abstracts submitted by the deadline of March 1 and an abstract fee will be applied.
  • Each of these abstracts are subject to the abstract $25 submission fee (these cannot be transferred from the oral abstract submission site). The fee can be paid by the moderator or each individual speaker, however, they must all be paid by March 1 when they are submitted for review.  Notification of accepted sessions will be completed by April 1st.
  • There is a special "Planned Oral Session" submission site.  If you are interested in this session type, please contact Negar Mahdavian and she’ll send you a link. Again, these talks cannot be submitted in the regular oral submission site nor in the workshop proposal site. 
  • The speakers in the Planned Oral Session are required to register and pay the full registration fee for the conference.  No waivers will apply to non-ASHS members.


Interest Group Meetings

If a Group chooses to conduct a 1.5 hour workshop, the primary sponsor's business meeting will be scheduled for 30 minutes following the workshop.  If a Group chooses to conduct a 2 hour workshop and/or not to submit a workshop proposal (again, it is not required that a Professional Interest Group submit a workshop proposal), a one hour business meeting will be scheduled sometime during the Annual Conference. Groups may also choose to not hold a face-to-face meeting and conduct their Group business via the ASHS Group Online Communities on the ASHS website throughout the year.

Submission site is now open.

If you have questions in regard to submitting a Workshop Proposal or a "Planned Oral Session", contact ASHS Headquarters at or call 703.836.4606 ext. 107.


1018 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.836.4606